Your Car Storage Questions Answered

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Are you thinking about storing your car somewhere long term? Or maybe for a short period whilst you move house or are away for a while?

In this weeks blog we’ll answer some of the most frequently asked questions about storing your car safely, including:

  • Is car storage safe?
  • Can I store my car in a storage unit?
  • How much does car storage cost?
  • How do I prepare my car for storage?
  • Where should I store my car for winter?

Thinking about self-storage vs managed storage? Read on…

“Is car storage safe?”

The easy answer is yes, most of the time.

There are some things to think about though when it comes to where you store your car as some will be safer than others.

Many people store their own cars in a garage at home or sometimes in outside space on a driveway or under a partially covered area.

If you have space in a garage, this is always the safest option for storing cars at home. Not only can you lock the garage to keep it away from prying eyes but it’s also protected from weather damage too – because when we talk safety we’re not just talking theft but also preserving your paintwork, engine and interior too.

The value of your vehicle over time depends on many things such as weathered paintwork, sun damage on the interior and of course how well she runs mechanically.

If you plan to store your car for long periods of time, you’ll want to ensure all of the above elements are looked after whilst she’s stored away.

Speaking of which, the next question is about storage units, so let’s delve into what’s available and how each one might work best for you.

“Can I store my car in a storage unit?”

If you’re looking for somewhere away from home to store your car, a storage unit is a good idea – The question is, which kind of storage unit is best for you?

Rent a ‘self’ storage unit

The options here are to use a reputable firm who has on site security 24/7 or rent a local unit, which usually come with little to no onsite security leaving you to figure out which cameras, alarms and locking systems you need yourself.

Store your vehicle with a professional car storage facility

The benefits to storing your car in a professional car storage facility can far outweigh additional costs when it comes to the long term safety and care of your car. At Classicwise for example, we install comprehensive CCTV, alarms and security firms who notify us of disturbance on site, so we always know what’s happening with your car.

We also check vitals on the car before and during the cars stay with us, log any issues or changes onto a fault report, prep paintwork with a safe wash, install a battery conditioner, dust cover and regularly start and run the vehicle up to temp. All of this helps to protect and maintain the vehicle whilst she’s off the road.

Some of our cars need a run out on a dry day too, so if that’s something you feel your car would benefit from we’ll happily take her for a few mile spin around our local country lanes.

Now you know what you get with self vs managed car storage units, let’s talk winter – Does storing your car for winter differ from any other time?

“Where should I store my car for winter?”

If you have a car you don’t drive in winter months, it makes sense to store it somewhere dry and semi warm.

Leaving your car outside (even undercover) could cause the paintwork and mechanics to be affected by damp air and extreme cold spells – So we’d always advise storing your car somewhere you can monitor the moisture levels and temperature to ensure the preservation of your pride and joy.

The ideal conditions to preserve your car will be a humidity range of 55% – 60% and temperature range of 18℃ – 20℃

We use a range of moisture meters, thermometers, fan systems, insulation and dehumidifiers in our storage facilities.

For more information on humidity and temperature, head over to read The best conditions to store your car blog here

How much does car storage cost?

It’s often thought that self-storage is a cheaper option than professionally managed storage, but this isn’t always true.

Large self storage companies offer initial discounts but for 100 sq ft with a reputable company who offers comprehensive security you can be looking anywhere from £40-£60 per week.

Units rented locally may be as cheap as £20 per week but come with very little security and can be damp or otherwise unfavourable environments to store a car safely.

With that in mind, it’s definitely worth talking to a specialist car storage company about their prices as they often have a much more in depth understanding of what your specific vehicle needs AND it might well be cheaper too.

Classicwise car storage starts from £35+VAT per week. For more info you can visit our long term and short term car storage pages. We’re always available to answer your questions about pricing and what we do to look after your vehicle.

By now you’ve probably made a decision on where to store your car, so what next?

How do I prepare my car for storage?

This is the checklist we use when a vehicle comes to us for storage, adapted slightly for you to follow at home. Whether storing in your garage or somewhere else, the checklist will help you preserve your car properly when storing it for long periods.

  • Safe wash to remove road grime – arches, underbody, paintwork, interior hoover, dried with forced air blower
  • Damage report – check for scuffs, scratches etc
  • Leave uncovered for 48hrs (indoors) – to ensure moisture evaporation
  • Apply a battery conditioner
  • Levels checks – oil, coolant, brake fluid, fuel and tyre pressures
  • Cover it – to prevent dust and moisture contamination
  • Routine checks – daily battery check, run up to temp regularly, run out if required.

For more depth information about preparing your car for storage you can read our blog – Preparing your car for storage here

Once you’re ready to take the vehicle out of storage, check levels, tyre pressures, MOT/service dates and valet to make sure everything is in tip top shape

Now you’re now ready to get back on the road!

That’s all of your questions covered for now, if you have any others or would like to enquire about storing your car with us, contact us on 01636 375 911 or send us a email