1949 Ford Prefect manual black (U266)

Enthusiast owned

Vehicle Description
A 1940s Ford Prefect, a beautiful sight on the road and ready for its next voyage.

Our 1949 E493A Ford Prefect finished in black with a red interior is overall a well-presented car and has been looked after throughout its extensive life. The car has been maintained to an original style, having work done when required.

The Ford Prefect was offered by Ford from 1938-1963 as an upmarket model to the Ford Popular and Anglia. With this car being a 1949 E493A, this was the first year of production for the second generation of the UK Prefect having its headlamps moved into the wings and fitted with trafficators.

The exterior of the car, finished in Black, is overall in good condition. There are some areas of paintwork which may require some attention, but the structure and shell is rot-free. The car sits on its original steel wheels with body coloured centre caps.

The interior of the car is excellent, finished in red with a beige headliner, and is a charming place to sit. The interior has clearly had a lot of work to make it as tidy as it appears. The seats have been recovered, new red carpets fitted, and an exceptional headlining and sun visors finished in beige wool.

The car starts on the first turn of the key and drives comfortably. The 1172cc sidevalve 4-cylinder engine equipped with the standard 3 speed manual box makes driving the Prefect relatively straightforward and manageable in modern traffic.

It is unusual to find a Prefect in such original style as per their popularity in the hot rod scene. If this beautiful Ford Prefect looks and sounds like the car for you, a trip to see us is well worth the visit – “Our coffee pot is always hot”.

The Prefect will come with its present V5, previous MOT certificates, correspondence from the Ford Owners Club and receipts and invoices for replacement parts. The car will come with a full 12-month MOT and ready for the road.