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Safe Washes And Detailing
Maintain your vehicle year-round with our safe wash services


Safe Washes and Detailing

Salt, rain and other debris from running your car on the roads can have detrimental affects on paintwork if not properly maintained. The key to avoiding paintwork damage and more in depth, frequent detailing is to regularly safe wash your vehicle.

Our maintenance and safe wash services do just this. We house your vehicle in our dedicated detailing room where it is carefully washed, dried and special attention given to key areas of paintwork, badges and seals to ensure it is protected from the elements.

Safe wash method recommended every 7-10 days:

  • Snowfoam applied
  • 2 bucket wash and rinse
  • Wheel faces cleaned
  • Detailing brush to all crevices, exterior seals and badges
  • Glass cleaned
  • Interior clean options:
    • Floor mats and carpets cleaned
    • Seats vacuumed or wet vac’d
    • Dash deep clean
Additional full detailing services are recommended 1 to 2 times per year, this includes:

  • Safe wash
  • Tar remover
  • Fallout remover
  • Clay Bar
  • Second safe wash
  • Pat dry
  • Masking all glass and rubber seals/seams
  • Choose: Light enhancement/correction/wax or ceramic seal
  • Glass, arches, wheels, tyres and engine bay and interior cleaned
Safe Wash & Detailing
Safe Wash & Detailing
Maintain your vehicle year-round with our safe wash services
Paint Enhancement
Paint Enhancement
Bring tired paintwork back to life with our paint enhancement services
Sales, Servicing, Restoration & Storage
Sales, Servicing, Restoration & Storage
The detail room works alongside our partners to bring together all your classic car needs

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