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Paint Enhancement
Bring tired paintwork back to life with our paint enhancement services


Professional Car Paint Correction

Has your classic become a victim of less than satisfactory paintwork care, machine car washes or weathered over the years? Swirls, light scratches and dullness can affect all classic and prestige cars, especially if not looked after in the correct way over the course of its life.

We take great pride in working with your vehicle to restore it to its original beauty with our paint enhancement service. We house your vehicle in our dedicated detailing room where it is carefully washed, dried and special attention given to key areas of paintwork, badges and seals to ensure it is protected from the elements. Then we put to work cutting agents and glazing to restore paintwork to the best it can be without paint restoration.

  • Safe wash
  • Tar remover
  • Fallout remover
  • Second safe wash
  • Pat dry
  • Masking all glass and rubber seals/seams
  • Light enhancement: cutting agent and glaze
  • Glass, arches, wheels, tyres and engine bay and interior cleaned

01623 870 872 detailing@classicwise.co.uk

Safe Wash & Detailing
Safe Wash & Detailing
Maintain your vehicle year-round with our safe wash services
Ceramic Coating
Ceramic Coating
Seal your vehicle’s newly enhanced paintwork with bespoke ceramic coating
Sales, Servicing, Restoration & Storage
Sales, Servicing, Restoration & Storage
The detail room works alongside our partners to bring together all your classic car needs

Our Partners

Our partners can offer your classic everything from MOT & service, detailing to sales, transportation, brokerage & restoration.

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