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Ceramic Coatings
Ceramic coating can bring back that beautiful new look to your car’s paint


Professional Car Ceramic Coatings

Even with regular care, over time a car’s paint finish can still be affected by acidic chemicals, UV damage and small marks, making it less easy to clean and with an imperfect finish. The good news is that a professional ceramic coating can bring back that beautiful new look to your car’s paint and offer protection from chemical stains, UV damage and more, along with making your car easier to clean and providing that high-gloss finish that you love. Ceramic coating is a liquid polymer that actually binds together with your car’s original paint, forming a protective layer that doesn’t wash off.

  • Wash/Full Detail
  • Paint Enhancement (Ceramic coatings cannot be applied until paint enhancement has been carried out)
  • Select product based on individual vehicle – Brands include: Feynlab, Gyeon, CarPro, Ceramic Nano Science, Liquid Elements and Krystal Kleen Detail
  • Bespoke coating applied
  • Cure for 12 hours to ensure full protection

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Paint Enhancement
Paint Enhancement
Bring tired paintwork back to life with our paint enhancement services
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Safe Wash & Detailing
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Sales, Servicing, Restoration & Storage
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