1994/M MERCEDES W124 E280 SALOON –

The W124 is a mid-sized vehicle platform. Due to the high cost of German engineering and build quality, the W124 was designed to last many miles, with awards actually given and worn by high mileage versions.

The Mercedes W124 is widely regarded as the very last of the “fixable Mercedes” due to the lack of complex (and bug ridden) electrical systems fitted to later “Chrysler built” models which are known to be extortionate to repair if repairable at all! This twinned with the true Mercedes build quality that has proved to withstand the test of time.

This particular example supplied new on 16th September 1994 to the first of 3 owners by the Coverdale Motor Co LTD (Mercedes Main agent) shows to have been blessed with an easy life! Having covered just 91,000 miles since first being commissioned.  The service history proves to be quite remarkable having been attended too at the following intervals:

Coverdale Motor co LTD – 1738

Coverdale Motor co LTD – 9069

Coverdale Motor co LTD – 18053

Coverdale Motor co LTD – 27137

Coverdale Motor co LTD – 40827

S & P Auto services – 49455

S & P Auto services – 53610

S & P Auto services – 60406

Owner serviced – 74901

MB Service Centre Blidworth – 91,000


The last service was completed at our cost where the vehicle had the following work completed (air conditioning re-gas, Engine wiring harness replaced, air filter, coil replaced, HT leads, Spark plugs, oil + filter (Mobil S 5w40), gearbox oil change, offside Rear window regulator replaced etc)

The vehicle is now free of any issues and is not to be confused with “worn out” or “multiple owner” vehicles.

A future classic destined to only increase in value