1985/B Lancia Y10 Fire

First and foremost. What a wonderful little car! 

A car that was very much revolutionary for its time with its FIRE engine (Fully intergrated and robotized engine), with displacement of 999 cc and maximum power of 45 hp (34 kW) at 5000 rpm, a very flexible engine, with low fuel consumption, low noise, low-power, allowing it to exceed 145 km/h and to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 16 seconds. These Figures were not blisteringly quick by any means however it proved to be a reliable design that was to be used for years to come in many other vehicle makes and models. 

this Particular vehicle is just great! Showing just 1 former keeper on the log book as this car was pre-registered to Lancar ltd (Lancia UK) before being handed to its first owner in 1985 (there is a rumour that this vehicle was used as a press car for the initial release of the Y10 FIRE in 1985. 

The car itself is in wonderful honest condition having never been welded before and having zero corrosion issues whatsoever to its structure. The interior is “as new” with no signs of adverse wear (or any wear for that matter!) with all the factory fitted equipment working correctly! 

The mileage recorded on the clock currently is 22,000 however it is evident that the vehicle has previously had a speedo issue/clock change as was common in this era. the correct mileage is 46,000 miles from new which is still incredible low for its age! 

A mechanically spot on, wonderfully presented “retro” modern classic which is ready to go for its new owner!


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