A chance to purchase the car that MG never made – An MG B V8 Roadster !

So – Our MG B V8 roadster! This vehicle originally started life as a standard 1.8 4 cylinder manual overdrive car with rubber bumpers before being subjected to this wonderful transformation! 

All of the parts utilised to build this largely ungraded car were lifted from a genuine factory MGB GT V8 including its rebuilt 3.5 rover V8, its 4 speed manual overdrive gearbox and rear diff. 

The suspension and brakes have also been up-rated to adequately deal with the extra power and talk too. The interior is just a wonderful place to pilot from. Full leather and aftermarket MX5 style seats and a walnut dash as just some of the features! 

The exterior coachwork is near perfect and finished in its factory “aconite” which really make this car stand out while also benefiting from a mohair hood and mini lite wheels! 

A Rare opportunity to obtain the car the MG should have been allowed to make and in such stunning condition.


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