Here we have a 1972 Triumph TR6 with a twist……. This car has been built as a race car for several years, as always upgrading specification as and when it comes along!

Drivetrain recently fully rebuilt by TR Enterprises to ‘full race’… All steel engine breathing through triple 45 DCOE Weber’s (new this season), ‘Dog’ type engagement gearbox, comp propshaft & rear axle with LSD installed.

Of course, the suspension and brakes have also been upgraded to cope with the power/torque of the smooth 6 cyl engine, not forgetting the forces of the demanding race circuits.

Full cage is fitted to protect the driver in the event of a ‘whoopsie’.. Seat and harness as you would expect. Bespoke dashboard with the important lights & gauges needed (rev counter and oil light!!)

Minilite wheels with appropriate tyres for the circuits. Fibreglass panels to get the weight low, it is a well known TR6 in the racing circles. With the right driver, this is a front of the grid car. Swinging 60’s future classics, cscc, plenty to choose from!

This race TR6 is on the button, ready for the circuits. To build in this specification today would cost in excess of £70,000

Also would be a very good sprint & hillclimb car, the TR Register have a championship so why not use your free TR Register membership when you purchase this car to enter the series.

A steal at only


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