A beautiful example of a newly imported and restored British sports car supplied in its original left hand drive. This vehicle is 1 of 2 early TR6’s that we imported from the rust free state of California before setting about restoring them. This car in particular was rescued from the dry storage it resided in for 30 years without a turn of a wheel. Incredibly. the overall condition of the car was fantastic – Due to only being subjected to the hot climate of California where the roads are not salted! Thankfully this means that the car is incredibly original with a chassis, tub and body that have been beautifully preserved from corrosion.

The Restoration

First of all we stripped the car down – The engine and gearbox were removed and the body was sandblasted and subsequently bare metal resprayed to ensure the best finish in Signal red. As the vehicle is an early production (November 1968) we have completed the car with the tell tail signs (a red painted windscreen frame and trims in-between the rear wings and body tub).

Once the car had been painted we set about renewing the whole of the braking system. This included: All new brake pipes, hose’s, cylinders, calipers, unions and new master cylinder. The gearbox was then taken to a local gearbox specialist who stripped the completely and rebuilt it accordingly.

The engine block, crank and cylinder head were machined/renewed – The block was re-bored to +40, crank was polished and balanced and the bottom end was re-assembled using standard sized big end bearings and main bearings along with a new oil pump. the cylinder head was reconditioned using all new valves, springs collets etc with the seats being reground. The head was then reunited with the bottom end with the fitment of a new timing chain kit. Before reuniting the engine to the gearbox we fitted a new clutch kit and slave cylinder to ensure maximum reliability.

Once the engine and gearbox were fitted back into the car we decided to stay with a carburetor set up. The car was originally supplied with Stromberg carbs however we upgraded them to genuine newly refurbished HS6 SU carbs. As a result of all of the precision engineering work the car now runs perfectly. Starts at the first turn of the key every time with perfect oil pressure, water temperature and power. to add to the perfect mechanical’s we added a stainless steel exhaust system to maximise the sound of the straight 6.

Once all of the body and mechanical work was completed the car was then reassembled with ALL brand new chrome work, lights, dash board, crash pads, trim panels, seats and hood.

All of the work carried out ensures that anyone buying this car will have the best classic car experience possible with a TR6. No stone has been left\ un-turned in all areas making this car a very good investment when put against other inferior cars.

If required we are able to provide the fitment of a reconditioned Overdrive gearbox supplied and fitted by TR Enterprises for a further £2,600 + VAT


Not to be missed.


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