A wonderful example of a newly restored Mk1 Tiger. 


Originally built in June 1965 but not registered until February 1967 – this vehicle was built towards the end of the run of Mk1 Tigers. Originally supplied with paint code 39 (Carnival red) before being subjected to a colour change during a recent restoration. 

The car has been in its current ownership since 2015 after the car had been subjected to a full body and mechanical restoration – At the point of purchase the car had been taken to the point where it has been 95% completed other than the fitment of a hood, minor trim items and a thorough “shake down” drive. Since then a double duck hood had been fitted and the car has been deemed “ready to go” 

The restoration comprised of a full suspension and brake build using up-rated parts where required such a polyurethane bushes, “GT40 spec” 302cui crate engine, customised stainless steel exhaust system, Pansasport wheels etc etc as a way of “enhancing the overall feel of the vehicle. The whole drive train was refurbished to a standard specification including the original 4 speed “toploader” and rear axle. 

As mentioned before the vehicle was originally Carnival red before being subjected to a colour change during the full body restoration – The colour now Trophy blue. It is evident when looking at the finer details the the shell is very nice and original. The sills look to be untouched and the cruciform looks to be original too. It is becoming very unusual to see good quality UK supplied Tigers now due to their inherent issues built into them from the Jensen factory all those years ago!  

All in all this is a wonderful genuine UK Tiger looking to be snapped up and used as intended.

catch it now before the prices soar further ! 


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