1966 Volkswagen Beetle

Where to start with this truly incredible motor car. This is an incredible example of how VW Beetles should be! Registered on 1st of August 1966 making this car one of the very first of the 1967 model year. It was in fact build on the very first day of production of the 1967 model year. This vehicle was first supplied to a Mr Otis Cole who took delivery of the vehicle from the VOlkswagen factory before touring Europe for a few weeks prior to Otis arriving in the Port of Lisbon on 12th September 1966 destined for the the port of Miami. Amazingly with the car are the original stamped shipping and European customs documents before it went on to spend most of its life in the USA!

As this lovely example was originally supplied in Europe but was known to be ultimately being destined for the USA it was fitted with a speedo reading MPH and so to keep to European regulations the speedo was then fitted with a “tempory KPH plastic insert over the top. Again, amazingly this is still in place today even though it was supposed to be removed upon arrival in the USA in 1966 !

Aside from this the vehicle is supplied with all of the maps used to tour Europe, the original sales invoice and service books/documents. The bodywork is just excellent ad 100% rust free. The engine was rebuilt less than 3000 miles ago before arriving into the UK in 2011 using only German parts and with the original engine (genuine matching numbers). Since being in the UK there is a fully documented service history including a large bill for a fully rebuilt front beam with parts used from VW heritage.

This vehicle is simply one of a kind – Uniquely supplied in this condition and a history file crying out to the classic car collector in you! 


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