1988 Morgan 4/4 – A Heart Warming Story

The following story was provided By a Gentleman we sold a 1987 Porsche 911 to. Subsequently we took his little 1988 Morgan 4/4 (mentioned in the story below) in part exchange.. We thought The story was fantastic and that it would be criminal not to share it with fellow Classic enthusiasts…..

Below is his beloved Morgan having just arrived at our showroom next to it is the Porsche he bought of us at Classicwise

I bought Morgan 4/4 E335 JNH in July 2004.I had just sold my company and retired.I bought it as a surprise combined 20th wedding anniversary and birthday present for my then wife.The dealers from whom I bought it agreed to deliver it on the due day and it duly arrived covered in bunting and balloons.The door bell rang and my wife answered.Her reaction was “Oh so you have bought a Morgan then” and then she went back to bed.!!.She had been on and on for 3 or 4 years about wanting one and it had to be red.I was devastated,within 3 weeks the car had been put into storage as we were building a house in Spain and needed the garage space for the furniture and there it stayed for about 3 months.It rarely turned a wheel in the UK.I loved it but the ex was not interested at all.Our marriage eventually fell apart and I decided to bring the car to Spain.I had a romantic notion of driving down through quiet roads and taking a week or so to do it.I left the UK in April 2008 with the Morgan and threw my wedding ring off the back of the Portsmouth/Bilbao ferry on the way over.It was a glorious day when I got off the ferry but within an hour it started to rain and continued to bucket down constantly for 5 days.The car performed brilliantly, its little windscreen wipers constantly on the go.The exhaust started to blow and as I was near the dealership in San Pedro I called in to see if they had a spare.They did not and it would take about 3 weeks to get one in.I had no choice but to battle on.The car got me all the way here and as I turned the ignition off the exhaust let go.It timed it just right.I ordered a new exhaust, this time stainless steel, from the UK and it was here in about 10 days (Quicker that the dealer).I was on the floor, a divorce beckoned and on top of that I had been swindelled out of 30,000 euros in a business deal whilst I was in the UK.Life was awful but the Morgan always kept a smile on my face.It gave a lot of pleasure to some homeless kids one Sunday.These kids have literaly nothing and there was a concert to raise funds.I spent all day giving them joyrides.The expression on their faces was worth a million dollars.As luck would have it not long after I met my current partner Liz at,of course, a wine tasting, we were neither of us looking for a relationship but we just clicked.She just loved the Morgan and would take every opportunity to go anywhere in it.We have been all over Spain, to Portugal, France, Germany and Switzerland and it has never once let us down.People love the car it makes them smile.People video it on the motorway, slowing down so that we pass and they can take more shots.People love having their photo taken with it.This car saved my sanity and my life is now full of such fun and happiness and I am sure this car has had a large part to play in that.After 9 years It is now time for someone else to experience the magic this car conjures up while I fulfill a lifelong dream of owning a Porsche before I get too old to enjoy it.Whoever is the lucky new owner of this car I hope the magic rubs off on you as it has on me.

Robert Cooper – Alicante, Spain

The Classicwise Collection wish Robert the best of luck for the future and we hope the Porsche 911 we supplied proves to be as lucky as the Morgan was.